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When we started Softball is For Girls, the biggest task we wanted to accomplish was providing an encouraging and empowering community of people - who believed in the power of female athletes, AND to help athletes grow with confidence.

Today, more than ever - young girls are faced with an immense amount of negativity, and are surrounded with an alarming amount of pictures, videos, and posts that make them feel 'less than' or not good enough. As girls (no matter what age) scroll through social media they are conditioned to think that they need this hairstyle, or this brand of clothing, or need to be this skinny, or have this color hair, or say these things, or act and speak a certain way etc.. to be 'good enough'

Us parents today - we actually DON'T understand the pressure that these girls are under. So much of their time is spent looking at, and reading highlight reels, and sales pitches that at their root are designed to make them feel inferior.

WE WANT TO CHANGE that! Our capable, powerful, strong movement is just a way to ensure that they are also seeing posts filled with inspiration that drive home the message that they are good enough, that they are beautiful, that they are capable, powerful and strong human beings - and that they can accomplish and do anything they want to in life.

Scroll your feeds right now...Or better yet, scroll your daughters feeds -  You will see it. Pictures and videos, and 5 second reels and conversations, and posts that over stimulate their brains, and push unreal images and ideas in their head that make them feel bad about themselves. Or less than. Or jealous.

I am a grown woman, and I get overwhelmed at everything I see online. Think how many times as adults, we have been caught in the judging, or admiring, or coveting the fake lives we see being portrayed on social media!!!

The thing is, that is ALL OUR KIDS see, that is how they have grown up, with an easily accessible, unrealistic outlet to compare themselves with.

It is proven that affirmations, and positive self talk, and reading positive statements can help to create a habit, and a more positive mindfulness about how we feel internally. And we have developed some fun ways to get that conditioning in their brains....

We assure you that the mental health of our kids is more important now than ever.

So, What do You Get? Read Below!

You will be invited to our private group, where you will get daily affirmations, motivations, and more to help create a mindset of confidence. 

Subscribers will get a Free T Shirt, and 3-4 other free gifts per year. capable powerful strong softball shirt

Subscribers will get free shipping and discounts on items at our store. 

Downloadable content and weekly activities! 

You will get content delivered in various ways, we are adding text messaging to subscribers here one phone number will get a motivational message every day. 

More to come. As we continue to build we are looking to get sponsors who will offer free stuff, as well as give motivational speeches directed to the hearts of female athletes.