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The softball world often takes on a life of its own. Its full of trials and tribulations, friends and families, disappointments and joys. Often, at SIFG we say that coaching softball, that parenting softball players, that playing softball is not really about the sport - but about LIFE itself. So many of the most important lessons in life are learnt through sport. This sport. What we notice so often is that there are a lot of kids today who do not get what they want, or parents today who aren't happy with a situations and often look to quitting as the best option. We disagree. If it were up … [Read more...]

A Fan Question & an Unpopular Answer


We receive hundreds of fan questions per week. Mostly, we post them to our facebook page in the hopes that our compassionate, experienced and amazing fan base of over 90K FANS will answer them considerately and honestly. Every once in a while, we get fan questions that truly ignite a lot of feelings. Just last week, we received one from a mother of an 8-year-old who had been playing with a team of girls for a while, and who was recently cut from her team. And the girl....the LITTLE girl...the child, felt betrayed by the people (both adults and children) she felt were her extended family, … [Read more...]

10 Questions to Ask Your Softball Players


Softball is the perfect balance of an individual and team sport. No one person can be successful alone, and every individual has a job to do to make it work. Largely, when it comes to team dynamics and culture - it is the adults (parents and coaches) who have the most input. They are the ones who have the complaints (often passing them onto their children), who air their grievances, and who are spring-loaded to shout "FOUL" if they feel their daughter has been slighted in any way. The coaches are the ones empowered with the final decision-making. Interestingly, the kiddos - the ones out … [Read more...]

Love to Watch YOU Play!


It's March. It's Spring. This.  Is.  Such. A. Beautiful.  Thing. And that means that college softball has started, school-ball in many parts of the country has commenced and Rec and travel teams are either preparing to....or already taking the field. You can almost smell new uniforms void of season old eye-black, and knee holes at the ballpark, see tons of new bats and shiny cleats. Dreamy eyed coaches and hopeful parents trying to convince themselves that 50 degree highs are somewhat warm, along with eager ball players are everywhere. Spring to softball is the equivalent of that … [Read more...]

The Top 6 Stability Exercises for Overhead Athletes


Big Thank YOU to Dr. Eric Dixon, for this weeks health and wellness fastpitch article! The Top 6 Stability Exercises for Overhead Athletes By Dr. Eric Dixon, DC, MS, NSCA-CPT In the game of softball, it’s becoming more and more trendy to try to gain strength and power at a young age. The parents that I talk to are looking for their child to be the strongest, fastest, and most skillful player on the field, which is great. I would want the same thing for my child. For future reference, please note that I said “on the field.” This article outlines the Top 6 ways that … [Read more...]