6 Things to Remember this Saturday | Softball is For Girls

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It's Friday night. If you are playing this weekend, that means you have checked the weather a zillion times, have ran to the store, loading up on waters and snacks for the day, checked the weather again, made sure the uniform was somewhere you could find it in the wee hours of dawn when its time to get dressed, have reminded your daughter to get her cleats and her bag at least 17 times TODAY (and you will remind her again in the morning), packed the cooler and the bag and your vehicle of choice, and have set annoying alarms for Saturday morning ( a day normally saved for sleeping in) all to be … [Read more...]

My Daughter is Perfectly Average | Softball is for Girls

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ALL POSITION SHIRTS ARE BACK UP AT THE STORE FOR A LIMITED TIME!  1st, 2nd, 3rd, SHORTSTOP, catcher, pitcher, outfielder, slapper, hitter! They are all UP!              When it all started out, I have to admit I thought my daughter was a super star. Like seriously the best ball player that ever graced the field. She was 8 years old when she hit her first in the park home run and she could have run around the bases multiple times before the other team would have gotten their stuff together long enough to throw her out or … [Read more...]

She’s a Shortstop Dangit! | Softball is for girls

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Free Shipping ALL Weekend LONG! Use Code Freeship at www.store.softballisforgirls.com Let's just speak hypothetical for a moment. Your daughter is a junior in High School and the head coach of (insert any of the best SEC Division 1 schools names here) watchers her play. Your daughter played a great game at short stop. After the game the coach says, "Hey....I want YOU to come play for me. I need an outfielder with your type of hustle and drive." Now stop for a moment? Your daughter plays short. She's a self defined short stop. You have been calling her a short stop for years now. And this … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Pay for Softball – A FANSHARE


We love our fans. And when one of our fans shared this with us, we just knew we had to share it too.  Why I don't pay for Softball.... The other night someone as me " Why do you pay so much money for your daughter to play softball?" Well I have a confession to make, I don't pay for softball. Personally, I love softball. I played as I was growing up and was excited to be able to watch my daughter play the sport that I grow to love. So if I'm not paying for softball then what am I paying for? I pay for the moments when my daughters becomes so tired she wants to quit but don't. I pay for … [Read more...]

Opinions are Like….well, you know…and everyone has one.


On any given weekends, there are hundreds of thousands of girls who wake up early enough to see the sun (and they don't have to), get dressed in itchy softball pants, endure nagging from their parents who unwittingly lose their weekends and end up spending too much money on food and waters and necessities to fill a cooler in order to watch their beloved play softball. This is a beautiful thing! The growth of this sport is amazing and wonderful. One of the best things that parents can do, is keep their girls involved in wholesome, healthy activities that spike self-confidence and keep them … [Read more...]