What If WE Fail? | Fastpitch Softball

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When we first set up our Facebook page and website, we were driven with an immense amount of passion. It was our goal to create a community of like minded folks, whose main interest was to empower all the characters in the fast pitch theater, from and especially the athletes to the parents and coaches alike. Time went on, and the brand SOFTBALL IS FOR GIRLS, has turned into a 50 hour per week job. Sometimes making money along the way and sometimes not. And as things go with the internet and Facebook, and all things online, big companies hoping to profit from small businesses like us have … [Read more...]

The Softer Side of Softball


Its a funny thing about softball. One moment you are immersed in the highly competitive and thrilling world of fastpitch softball, and the next you realize that this game is REALLY about a bunch of brave little girls. Here's the thing about softball that we often forget... These girls out there, they are someone else's daughter. Each and every girl that steps on the field has people who love her just as much as we love our own kids. Every girl that steps up to the plate, has someone cheering for her to do well and succeed, a parent who says a quick prayer that she will get on base and … [Read more...]

Lessons From the Bench!


The bench. The pine. That little aluminum seat inside the dugout where you can often find downtrodden girls (and aggravated parents) who dream of being on the brick-dust and often start to feel 'less than adept' because they sit there so often. Parents hate the bench. And so do most kids. If you are on a travel or select team, and your daughter is constantly on the bench, you should likely start looking for a team that will EMPOWER her. If you aren't the best player on a team, that's okay - everyone starts somewhere. Having better players can be motivational. But at the same time in … [Read more...]

My Daughter Plays Softball (AND She’s Terrible!)


SIFG prides itself on respecting and empowering ALL the players of fastpitch! We realize the varied levels that are out there, and for some reason there is often a wave of judgment that seems to exist in regard to those different levels of play. Select, elite, Gold, A, showcase (whatever word used in your area) players and parents often feel superior to those that are playing local, rec, B or C, copper (or whatever word is used in your area) Many times, the girls that just play for the fun of the game, who don't take lessons, who show up for an hour to run around and play with their friends … [Read more...]

Safety, Softball & Facemasks

We get lots of face-mask questions. Should my daughter wear a mask? Do outfielders really need a face-mask to play in the outfield? Do college coaches look down on those that wear face-masks? My daughter is not comfortable wearing a face-mask, but her coach thinks she should? My daughter is only 8 and the balls aren't hit very hard yet, does she really need a face-mask? We also have tons of people who say things like "That's what the glove is for, or my daughter learns proper technique therefore she doesn't need a face-mask." The face-mask issue is always one that causes a great divide … [Read more...]